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An important announcement

Eamonn Quinn will be finishing up assisting with the meetings in Phibsboro in December 2017.
He will be finishing up permanently in Tallaght in July 2018 and the Office will be closing.
After 18 years the time has come to retire from the Voluntary support I have offered and the many people I have helped.( We have Helped )

As there is nobody to take over the Office the other support staff are not in a position to carry on nor do they want to keep the office open.
 In other words this Organisation will no longer exist in it's present form .

There are many members that have given a lot of their time and support to this group over the years and without them it would not have been as successful as it was.
To all the members I would like to thank them for their help and support for myself and the many people that came to us for help in whatever difficulties they presented with.

Eamonn Quinn

It is with deep regret that the time has come for me to finish up after 18yrs offering advice and support to the many thousands of people that availed of an invaulable service given by myself and the other members of this Group
Over the years many many good people have passed through the meetings and office.
Many many friendships have come from the good interactions in the group and the difference we have made to many giving them a new true self worth and sense of purpose toward themselves and how to address many of the issues peratining to their Marriage or Relationship breakdown.

It is an end to an Era and and a struggle over the years to make changes in the Law , the Social attitude and the Courts towards the needs of Men . Women and Children caught up in Family breakdowns.

The system has failed many good Men , Women and Children who have ended up Homeless , dependent on Alcohol , Drugs and on many occasions driven to Despair and Suicide.
To all those who have departed from us may they  Rest in Peace.

Eamonn Quinn

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