Unmarried And Separated Parents of Ireland
A support group for parents in relationship difficulties

USPI in conjunction with Forever Father's Support Group , Donegal

We would like to express our deepest Sympathy to the Family , Friends and Colleagues of Patrick ( Pat )  ( P.J.) Kelly due to his untimely Death on Thursday the 24Th of April 2014

My He Rest in Peace.

Christmas Day Gathering on O'Connell Bridge.

Over the last number of Years a gathering of many Fathers, Mothers and Grandparents has taken place on O'Connell Bridge from 10am to 1pm on Christmas Day to Highlight a Sad, Dark and Lonely side to Christmas in which access to children is denied.

Unfortunately due to a dissapointing turnout in the last 2 years it looks as if this years event will be cancelled unless there is considerable interest or input by as many individuals as possible.

If there is no meaningful interest shown before mid December we will no longer be in a position to carry on this event.

The issue of Lone Parent's Tax Credits for Single Parent's 

U.S.P.I is a Group that supports Equality and Fairness in all aspects of Family Law and in particular when Couples Separate. We do not support the Government's Budget impact on the removal of the Tax Credit that has been afforded to Single Parent's and in particular Single / Separated Fathers.

This relief was very important to many, whereby it assisted them in an ability to contribute more maintenance towards their Child or to be able to provide for a meaningful day out in association with access arrangements or quality time.

It is another area of Discrimination against Single Parents and mainly another element of Discrimination against Men / Fathers who are the most Discriminated unity in all of Irish Society.

It is clear from all literature and Legal interpretations that Un Married Father's have no Right's and this is just another element of BLATANT discrimination.

Eamonn Quinn

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