Unmarried And Separated Parents of Ireland
A support group for parents in relationship difficulties
Q. I am an un-married father. My Name is on the Children’s birth certificates. What rights do I Have?

A. None. You only have the right to apply to court for you right to be appointed a Legal Guardian And have Regulated Access.

Q. What is Regulated Access?

A. Regulated Access is where you have designated times to be with your child/ren.

For Example.
  • Midweek 5pm to 7pm
  • Friday from 6pm to Sunday at 6pm
  • Easter Sunday from 1pm to 8pm
  • Fathers Day from 10am to 6pm
  • Christmas Day from 2pm to 6pm on St. Stephens Day
And whatever other access that can be agreed or requested in court.

Q. What Maintenance do I have to pay for my child/ren?

A. You should pay some sort of maintenance according to your disposable income. For Example. If you have one child you should pay between €75 and €100 per week. If you have two children you should pay between €100 and €150 per week depending on your disposable income. In court the Honourable Judge will assess your disposable income and make the appropriate maintenance order pertinent to your case.

Q. I don't want to give my Ex girlfriend money, I want to buy food, nappies and clothes for the child/ren, because I don't think she will spend the money on the child.

A. You pay the maintenance to the custodial parent, normally the mother, and it is up to her to spend and purchase the child's necessities as needed. It Is the custodial Parents responsibility to do this, not the absent parent.

Q. Can maintenance be deducted directly from my wages/social welfare payment?

A. Yes, it can. If you fail to pay maintenance, an Attachment of Earnings Order can be granted by the court, if you are employed, on social welfare or on a private pension. The employer or organisation that pays you can be ordered to deduct the maintenance from your payment.
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