Unmarried And Separated Parents of Ireland
A support group for parents in relationship difficulties

The Role of The District Court:

In the District Court you can apply for the following.

  • Guardianship Orders
  • Custody Orders
  • Access Orders
  • Safety Orders
  • Protection Orders
  • Barring Orders
  • Maintenance Orders
  • Interim Orders
Rural Courts can be accessed through the Court Clerk’s office for your Area.

The Role of The Circuit Court:

In the Circuit Family Court you can apply for all of the above.

The Circuit Court also facilitates a person who wishes to appeal a Decision of the District Court for their respective Jurisdiction.

You can also apply for the Following:
  • Judicial Separations
  • Divorce
  • Annulments
  • Property Adjustment Orders
  • Pension Adjustment Orders

The Role of High Court:

The High Court is used to facilitate a Person who wishes to appeal a Decision of the Circuit Court. Their Appeal is heard in the High Court for their respective Jurisdiction. The High Court is also used to determine complicated Divorces Separations and Annulments where there are major implications on Property and enormous wealth is at issue. The High Court has sittings around the Country on Circuit.

The Role of The Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court is used to determine issues that have Constitutional implications and relevance and to recommend changes to the legislation if there are breaches of National interest or issues that may need to be addressed in a follow up challenge by an Individual or Individuals in the Europeans Courts of Human Right’s. This is where the European Court of Human Right’s rulings take precedence over Irish Law and can determine future decisions based on their Judgement.

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