Unmarried And Separated Parents of Ireland
A support group for parents in relationship difficulties


Separation and Divorce is a traumatic experience, especially if you are embroiled in an adversarial situation in the Irish Family Law Courts. The Un-married and Separated Parents of Ireland facilitate two meetings a week, as a support and information service. These are informal sessions where you can obtain important and valuable knowledge relevent to your own case. They are also where you will meet other parents who have gone or are going through this trauma. We also provide information and contacts for professional counselling if needed.

U.S.P.I. volunteers help parents through the legal process by:
  • Preparing the parents for going to court.
  • Explaining Irish Family Law in lay mans terms.
  • Ensuring that you understand Court proceedings.
  • Emotional and Counselling support if needed, during and after your case.
  • Explanations of the Court decision and further options/appeals etc.
  • Help parents with coping measures for the future as a Separated Parent.


Life is an ever-changing journey, which can at times, be challenging and difficult. The break up of relationships or severance of the valuable bonds children form with their parents and each other can deplete our resources and leave us feeling distressed and unable to cope.

Counselling offers a facilitative and confidential environment in which to explore issues and struggles.

In so doing, the person can identify internal resources, which help find the strength to make choices that will lead to a more satisfying life.

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Mediation can help couples to get the balance right.Mediation

Mediation is a decision making process, whereby separated couples are helped to form the terms of an agreement surrounding their separation, assisted by a trained

Mediation normally takes up to six sessions and is usually free.

Issues addressed in mediation usually include: 
  1. Access to the children by the absent parent.
  2. Parenting of the children.
  3. Financial support.
  4. Provision of two homes for the future.
  5. Division of assets and pensions.
Mediated agreements seem to work better than court orders as the couple make their own decisions on what is best for their particular situation.

A mediated agreement is not legally binding, however couples can take it to their legal advisers to give it formal legal effect.
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